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Saving Lives by Providing Quality Certifications for Service Industries

My name is Michelle Lefevra and I will be teaching the CPR, First Aid, BLS, ACLS classes. I hold degrees in Exercise Physiology and Nursing. I worked in Fitness Centers, Cardiac Rehab, Higher Education, Emergency Room, and currently in Surgery. Lily Health Training really started in 1998, where I began teaching CPR and First Aid training to fitness workers and lifeguards. It eventually lead into certifying co-workers for many years after which grew into what is now officially Lily Health Training in 2012. Our mission is to help students and professionals get quality training at a discounted cost. Lily Health Training has grown to provide numerous classes over the tri-state area of Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. Located in the northeast region of Indiana, Lily Health Training is available to certify all your CPR, BLS, and ACLS needs. Sign up and register for a class today!

Michelle Lefevra 
Welcome to Lilly Health Training 
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